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Yipee-ki-yay, Motherfucker!

Soon I shall tell the tale of last week, but first there's things I need to the world about. And there's also a quick warning needed that the LJ-cuts featured in this post will be containing YouTube videos, for anyone viewing this on a DS, or on dial-up or anything stupid. Oh, and you may have to wait a bit for the vids to be processed too.

First things is that I'm sure Everyone knew how well I was doing with getting rid of my overdraft despite not having a full time job. Well things have gone a bit tis-up this week. Here's how:
1) I spent a total of UKP 76.98 (no sign for that on the stupid Mac keyboard. It's it's only down-side. Oh, and it's UK Pounds.) in Gamestation, Wrexham, yesterday. I didn't quite realise how it was adding up, but I got Need For Speed Carbon pre-owned, which is awesome and I've barely stopped playing, a pre-owned Wiimote and 2 battery packs with charger stand for the Wiimotes.
2) I've managed to get a Focus 1.8/2.0 inlet. Anyone who's heard me ranting about this will know that this with a decent air filter attached will get my 2.0 engine up to around 140bhp, from the 128bhp it'd make with the 1.6 inlet. UKP 66.
3) There's the engine itself. A bargain at UKP 80 and being picked up on Thursday, which I need to pay George the fuel money for.

So last Monday Me, Hill and Jules went to Flint, Chester and Wrexham job hunting. It was very successful, with Jules just tagging along, Hill seeing the sort of thing that was out there, and me getting 26 jobs to apply for. Non of which I have been applied for (due to being so busy), and all the slips have now been lost. Damn. Oh, and the pub in the evening was pretty boring.

Anyway, Tues morning got a bit mental for me, trying to sort out my car with the insurances. I finally managed to get my way, and now have my car back with the insurance company going to give me the UKP 350 to cover the original quote I got, instead of them writing it off due to the UKP 860 quote they had from stupid Howard Basford. Rip-off merchants they are. But eventually Hill and myself got to leave Holywell and go on the second road trip in 2 weeks, to Cardiff.

It was a good trip down, and with only 1 problem getting there (trying to send us up a new bus lane), Julian's sat-nav did us proud. There was something really funny on the radio which I can't remember, but it doesn't matter. I just wanted to put something about the radio being awesome on road trips. After getting to Cardiff though we needed a plan of action, and it was while we were walking to Tesco in the Bay that we found Torchwood being filmed outside the Millennium Center. Naturally we hung around for a bit, took a few photos and that, and clo had her pic taken with John Barrowman. John and Eve kept doing funny little dances which I'm sure will be on the Series 2 DVD extras. Unless that was part of the show, which would be very odd!

In Tesco we got stuff to make a cake, and then wandered back to make said cake, eat lovely burgers cooked by Hel, watch stuff and play some Wii. Was a damn shame I didn't have my second Wiimote than.

Anyway, that was my Mon and Tues, which has taken ages what with all the video bluetoothing, uploading and breaks to watch this again:


More tomorrow. Perhaps.
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